Political Advertising Samples (2022)

Welcome. If you are seeing this hidden page, you have been personally invited to see samples of political advertising created by Scott Cullins from the 2022 campaign season. Scott is a partner at Canyon Media and leads the company’s creative team. His political experience includes more than a dozen years as a consultant, and full-time creative director for Arena Mail+Digital. In these roles, Scott worked on top accounts including Senate Leadership Fund, Congressional Leadership Fund, the California GOP , the Republican National Committee and many Senate and Congressional races. Some of these sample are included below.

With the support of a talented team of developers and designers, Canyon Media can create winning concepts and amazing design is support of political campaign or advocacy organization. Contact Canyon Media NOW to learn how we can help your campaign or Independent Expenditure with your digital marketing and advertising needs.

Full Disclosure: All the political advertising samples on this page were conceived and designed by Scott Cullins as a consultant or employee for other agencies. These examples should not be regarded as work product from Canyon Media, but rather a representation of the work you can expect from Scott and the Canyon Media team.