Estimating the Cost of Magazine Design

The biggest question we receive from prospects and clients is in regards to the cost of magazine design for a new publication, the redesign of an existing publication, and/or production design for a publication. We’ve done a lot of research and, as you can imagine: pricing can be all over the map. This makes it very difficult to determine what your cost will be.

Whether you need estimates for the financial section of your business plan, or an idea of what it will cost to hire Canyon Media, this article will help you get going.

By giving you pricing guidance up front, Canyon Media believes you will be better prepared to take the next step and give us a call. We provide small firm pricing, but big firm quality. Our pricing is not the cheapest, but our value beats all of our competitors.

Cost for New Magazines and Redesigns

To estimate the cost of magazine design for a new publication, or redesign of existing titles, we’ve created a handy Design Cost Calculator that you can use to get a rough idea of what your costs will be.

Download the Calculator

Estimating Cost for Production Design

I define production design as using an existing style guide and templates to produce an ongoing issue of a magazine. For production design, where all art is provided, figure on roughly $87.50 per page. So for example, production design for a 64-page plus cover (68 total pages) magazine will cost approximately $5,950 for production design.

For production design where art is not provided, art direction will be required to help identify concepts and sources for photos and illustrations. Production design with art direction runs roughly $112.50 per page. So, a 64-page plus cover (68 total pages) magazine will cost approximately $7,650 for production design with art direction.

Hopefully this information will help you get a solid idea of what your design costs will be. When your ready to move to the next stage, and actually hire a design firm for your magazine project, please give Canyon Media a call and we’ll put together a detailed quote for you.

For information on estimating your print production, read Estimating the Cost of Magazine Printing. If you would like to speak to a web offset printer, I highly recommend you email David Greenbury at Publication Printers out of Denver, CO. I’ve been working with David for more than 15 years and their pricing and quality are hard to match.

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