Magazine Design Experts

In addition to digital advertising and web design, Canyon Media has more than 25 years of print magazine experience and offers creative services for publishers, small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to startup a print media venture or take an existing media product to the next level. We were and still are magazine design experts and we can help you with:

  • Print magazine design/redesign and editorial production. This includes consumer and B2B magazines as well as custom corporate publication
  • Content Management Systems like WordPress websites sales distribution production and more.
  • Content Development services can include writing photography and illustration for single articles or entire publications.

Print Magazine Services

Canyon Media’s magazine design expertise is geared towards startups and existing publishers seeking a fresh look or help with the ongoing production. Our design service creates the brand identity of your publication and establishes the look and feel of you publication for the foreseeable future. Our redesign service can create an entirely new look for your brand and/or keep the best parts while providing a fresh look for the design of you publication. Our editorial production service can put together entire magazines using your content and layout templates single story layouts requiring image procurement and everything in between.

CMS Web Services

Canyon Media are experts at setting up world class CMS websites using WordPress to give your business a professional online presence. We specialize in creating media site themes that offer all robust categorization marketing and sales requirements your media business needs.

Content Development

Creating content that engages the reader with quality digestible text and amazing but relevant imagery and video production is our specialty. Whether you need regular blog features for your website or feature stories for your print magazine Canyon Media can help. Our content development services offer a full range of deliverables including expert writing and editing copy editing, layout, photography and video production.

Attracting the reader with exciting imagery and captivating heads is the start. Engaging the reader with articulate text and pulling them through the entire story is the goal.

Consulting Services

Canyon Media offers consulting services priced on a per project basis. Our industry knowledge is backed by 25 years experience in every aspect of online and print media & publishing. If you need help with business planning research or individual tasks—like developing a marketing plan or distribution strategy—we can help. We are happy to provide a free consult to discuss you needs and determine if or how we can help.

If you are looking for magazine design experts, Contact Canyon Media today and let’s talk!